Rorschach: All I See is Women (2017)

Rorschach All I See is Women

Rorschach: All I See is Women (2017)

80 hand stamped inkblots on a 6' x 6' sheet


A traditional Rorschach test consists of 10 images.  They are intended to help a psychologist understand a patient’s personality characteristics and level to which they are functioning emotionally.

A common response to those images are often sexual in nature.  A penis.  A vagina.  A couple copulating. The idea that ones personality problems can be described by merely viewing and talking about a simple inkblot is troubling and usually sexist. This test was created by men.  Usually interpreted by men. And most often used by men to judge the problems on a child or female’s troubled personality. 

This project was created by taking photographs of real women, simplifying the image, printing and halving the negative, then pressed as a ink blot. Each individual image is a unique blot, which cannot be exactly replicated.  For each image the face of the woman emerges upon closer inspection.  Yet the 80 women here--friend, lovers, family--are meant to be seen as a whole, as a huge abstraction, where there individuality become irrelevant.  As a woman and a lesbian, Rorschach: All I See is Women, is meant to be a distillation of how society, despite its many steps forward, still treats women as insignificant.