Artist Statement

I am drawn to archaic formats in my art.  Yet, I am not a techno-luddite. Much of my work is shot, edited and designed on a digital camera and computer. And yet, there is something about delving into ephemeral forms –– revealing details that would otherwise be missed ––that expresses a passion, especially as said forms are being phased out of use.

The digital world constantly reshapes our creative memories, often losing sight of their true authenticity. Reproduction at the speed of light, alteration of an image so subtly and unnoticeably, that its new meaning contradicts its original one. Ubiquity of the digital recording and the ease, with which we learn to stage our own experiences. The emotional grip of reality is no longer what we seek in a picture, but rather the layers of its contextual references. 

I crave expressing an almost archaeological record of the analog world, the one that preceded our current digital world. My work is like the feathers recently found on dinosaur fossils – a way of dusting off our long-standing perceptions in the modern world, by uncovering the all but invisible foundation, on which it was built.




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