In Motion: At the Dia (2014-present)

In Motion: At the Dia (2016-2017)

3 - 18" by 72" digital prints

The panoramic option of new cell phones are somewhat tricky.  While trying to capture a wide vista the images inevitably become distorted.  It is impossible to capture the view as our human eye sees it.  Before the panoramic option became available, images had to be taken individually then stitched together.  While this option was tedious, it created an image far closer to the actual vista.  The panoramic option in the iPhone has allowed for other creative uses.  The In Motion series is an attempt to capture a figure in motion in space.  Like Duchamp’s Nude Descending a Staircase, we see the subject in various states of motion as they take in their surroundings, specifically The Dia:Beacon, an art museum known for showcasing large scale installations.